Livelihood Education and Vocational Training

Increasing Access to Livelihood Opportunities for Ethnic Minority Youth through the Promotion of Career Development and Entrepreneurship Initiatives

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Our intervention will target five districts (Mai Chau, Da Bac, Bac Ha, Sapa, Lao Cai) in two provinces (Hoa Binh and Lao Cai) located in the northern mountainous regions of Vietnam, home to largely EM populations and high poverty rates. These remote, hard-reach locations remain underdeveloped and their populations rely mainly on agriculture as sources of income which poses problems in providing decent work for youths entering into the labour force.

At least 80% of rural youths are unemployed due to a number of contributing factors such as:

- The failure of educational institutions to provide students with appropriate employability skills.

- Career training and materials have not been updated.

- Jobs araising in markets for which EM youths are not trained in

- Vocational training centers located far from EM youths

- Agricultural labour opportunities become increasingly limited.
To improve income for ethnic minority youth (ages 16 - 30) in Lao Cai and Hoa Binh provinces through the promotion of career development and entrepreneurship initiatives.
- Enhance the knowledge and skills of EM youths to adapt to curent labour market needs.
- Increase access to livelihood opportunities for EM youths to become agents for change.
- Improve understanding of market-based vocational training among policy makers through development, documentation and dissemination of good practices.
- EM youth aged 16-30
- Local authorities and policy-makers
- Local businesses and enterprises


Northen Vietnam

Project Location:

Mai Chau, Da Bac districts in Hoa Binh provinces, Bac Ha, Sapa and Lao Cai districts in Lao Cai provinces.


Livelihood Education



Project Manager:

Trung Truong


EU, Standard Chartered Bank and NWD