Business Incubator

General Information

Our “Business Incubator” is sponsored by HSBC Vietnam and designed to target business owners who are Ethnic Minority youths in the provinces of Hoa Binh and Lao Cai.

  • Vision

    To become the first functioning business incubator for ethnic minority youths in the provinces of Hoa Binh and Lao Cai

  • Mission

    To promote and support minority entrepreneurs in doing business and influence the development of business culture among ethnic minority communities through educational and training activities, networking, and policy dialogue.


Ethnic minority individuals/groups, between the ages of 22 and 35, living or coming from Hoa Binh and Lao Cai who own business ideas/small enterprises/enterprises/corporative groups which were founded less than five years ago.

Our Value

  • Sustainable development

    Enterprises from AEA Business Incubator should grow organically without relying on angel funds and external financial support. The growth of an enterprise must be tied to the management capacity of the business owner

  • Educational

    Provide livelihood education for business owners and ethnic minority communities.

  • Talent

    Focus on business administration capacity of EM individuals rather than the out-growth of enterprises.

  • Inheritance – Legacy

    Select individuals/enterprises with high community responsibility to participate in the Incubators, who can later promote entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for EM youths in project provinces.

Partnership network

- Strategic partners: Consult on building strategy for AEA Business Incubator.
- Lecturers / Academies / Universities: Providing educational services, including courses on Business Administration and Operation for different levels, customized courses on Operating Business in different enterprises, student exchanges, interships, company tours,…
- Investors / Funds
- Agencies in legal services, IT services, Marketing
- Local Authorities

Products and Activities



Advanced Connectivity

Community Development

Your journey at Youth Incubator

Seed Selection

- Quick interview with Project Management team to provide more information and current status of candidate’s actual needs.
- Group of candidates to participate in online/onsite induction courses.
- Attend online training courses.
- Propose and match candidates with right mentors.

Seed sowing

- Course #1 and #2: Business Development by Lean Canvas Business Model and Presentation Skills.
- Set up office and free workspaces for Incubator businesses.
- Legal support for business registration and business establishment.
- Start-up mentoring activities on online and offline platforms
- Monthly knowledge and experience sharing workshops.


- Intensive training courses on corporate governance, product development and market expansion.
- Maintain an exchange of experience and knowledge between candidates and mentor on the incubator's online and offline platforms.
- The Advisory Board organizes a field visit to candidates' businesses, periodically evaluates the business performance of enterprises.
- Organize periodic seminars for specific business areas.
- Connecting candidates with potential investors and partners.


- Advanced training courses on leadership and business operation skills.
- Maintain the exchange of experience and knowledge between candidates and advisors on online and offline platforms.
- Maintain experience sharing workshops.
- Advertising about the business on mass media.
- Selection of key members for the Incubator (3- 5 candidate enterprises).
- Develop a self-operation mechanism for the Incubator and guidelines for the management of the Incubator for key members.
- Core member assessment and training.
- New generation selection.

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