Early Childhood Care and Education

Promoting Quality and Inclusive Early Childhood Care, Education and Parenting in Vietnam

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Poverty is a compounding factor to accessing quality Early Childhood Care and Education services. In Vietnam, Lai Chau is the most impoverished province in Vietnam; its overall poverty rate is 76% and 96% of children in Lai Chau province are from the disadvantaged Mong tribe. Ethnic minorities in Vietnam represented 15% of the country's population and constituted 73% of the poor population in 2016. Children from minority groups do not have, or have very limited access to, early education in their mother tongues and encounter language barriers when they enter primary school. As a result, their school performance and participation is greatly affected.
To ensure access to quality Early Childhood Care and Education for children aged 3 to 8 years through enhanced teaching and quality of learning, responsive parenting and local ownership.
- Provide pre- and primary school children and teachers with child-friendly learning and teaching materials.
- Support the improvement of children’s school readiness and learning outcomes through active teaching and learning, peer education and better monitoring.
- Build capacity of pre- and primary school teachers to apply child-centred pedagogies and increase their contact and knowledge towards improved school readiness.
- Build capacity of caregivers in school readiness, to increase contact with schools and share best practices with their peers through positive deviance approach.
- Build capacity and ownership of local authorities to manage ECCE services and engage the community.
- Increase peer education, learning and social cohesion from the local to the regional levels.
- Enhance policy advocacy for quality ECCE and school readiness.

- 1,560 children from 3 to 8 years old including 767 preschool and 793 primary school aged children.
- 500 caregivers and 35 local authorities and government officials from target locations in Vietnam.


Northen Vietnam

Project Location:

Tam Duong district in Lai Chau Province


Early Childhood Care and Education


Jan 2019- Dec 2021

Project Manager:

Huong Tong