Vietnam reading day 2016: “Books – The key to success”

In order to celebrate the Vietnam Reading Day 2016 and develop reading habits for ethnic minority children in northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam, Aide et Action Vietnam worked with its partners in Lai Chau and Hoa Binh province to organize the reading day event. This is the first time ethnic minority children in Lai Chau and Hoa Binh have experienced such a meaningful event with various interesting activities such as eloquence contest about favourite books, artwork competition and golden bell challenge, etc. Moreover, parents and local communities were also mobilised to participate into the event with their children. Students showed their eagerness and enthusiasm during all activities of the event because they understand that books are essential for them to explore the sea of information, sharpen critical thinking skills, stimulate creativity and nurture their dreams.


The success of the event is attributed to great support of local authorities and school managing boards, which reflects their strong commitment to children education development in the region. The event was featured on local TV channels, helping to promote reading habits amongst students and raise awareness for local people about the importance of education to children future prospects.


“I love reading. I remember the story about Mac Dinh Chi – the poor but studious boy. Because of family economic difficulties, Mac Dinh Chi had to fetch firewood in the forest to earn money for buying books. After reading this story, I am now more motivated to read books and accumulate knowledge for my future,” said Giang Thi La, a H’Mong ten-year old girl in Lai Chau.


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