Promoting inclusive development for ethnic minority children and youth in Lao Cai province

Location / Vietnam

Problem statement

  • Poor infrastructure and teaching facilities
  • Language barrier for ethnic minority children.
  • Lack of children’s life skills and information on common issues related to their daily life, such as child rights, injury prevention, gender equality, child rights, human trafficking prevention, and local customs and cultures.
    Inadequate teacher capacities
  • School absence, migration and human trafficking
  • Limited parenting education due to knowledge and skill gaps.
  • Gender discrimination in education
  • Lack of market oriented vocational training, job opportunities and career orientation for youth.

AEA’s response

Working to improve nutritional status and promote quality and inclusive education for children in disadvantaged communities, using Child Centered Methodology (CCM).

Parenting education in which training modules are developed based in response to the specific needs and priorities of the communities.

Vocational training and career orientation for ethnic students in secondary schools and marginalized youth in the communities, with particular focus on girls.

Our approach

 AEA utilizes a “Golden Triangle” approach to maximize impact in target schools and communities, namely the tripartite partnership between schools, communities and local authorities. AEA empowers and enables key actors at the local level to make positive changes for themselves as change agents, that could be achieved through a thorough needs assessment – and a collaborative response to these needs – based on a culture of dialogue, constructive reflection and mutual respect.


Global objective

To ensure access to quality education for ethnic minority children through improved teaching methodologies and incorporation of relevant mother-tongue pedagogies into classroom, and enhanced participation of parents


Target groups

Direct: Students, parents, teachers, school managers of Lau Thi Ngai and Lung Cai schools at different education levels (pre-school, primary, secondary) and marginalized youth in the communities.

Indirect: local ethnic communities


Main activities


  • Develop handbook on nutrition for children.
  • Training on parenting skills and child nutrition for teachers and parents in the community.
  • Establishing self help parents clubs to widely communicate on parenting skills.
  • Support nutrition models at preschool and at households.

Primary school

  • Develop bilingual supplemental curricular material on relevant issues and life skills for primary school children.
  • Training for teachers on integration of supplemental materials into extra curriculum activities and CCM.
  • Integrate supplemental curricular material into extra curricular activities and children’s clubs.

Secondary school

  • Pilot market-based career orientation at schools. 


Expected Outcomes

  • Enhanced capacities of teachers, parents and relevant authorities to support inclusive education for ethnic minority children at primary education
  • Improved nutritional status of ethnic minority children at preschool education
  • Better market-oriented vocational training system for ethnic and marginalized youth in communities and secondary schools


Some activities taken place


Photo: Teacher training introducing bilingual materials © AEA Vietnam



Extra-curricular activities © AEA Vietnam




  • Bac Ha District People’s Committee
  • Bureau of Bac Ha Education and Training Department


Ms. Tu Nguyen

Country Program Director



Location / ,
Duration / 2017-2019

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