Integrating ICT initiative to improve the quality of education


Location / Vietnam

Problem statement

• Education quality in ethnic minorities and remote areas is still limited due to poverty, geographical distant, low awareness of local people on education, etc.
• Children from ethnic minority groups, remote areas and the poor face difficulties in learning due to lack of school facilities and materials.
• Language barrier for ethnic minority children
• Lack of books at school as well as at the community for children to learn and read

AEA’s response

Enabling ICT in learning and teaching to improve the access and quality of education for disadvantage children. This is the regional initiative successfully implemented in Cambodia (since 2013) and in Laos and Vietnam (2016).

Our approach

Integrating the E-learning application in the two on-going projects in Lai Chau and Hoa Binh provinces

Global objective

Improvement of the learning quality of ethnic minority children in disadvantaged and remote areas by using e-learning application at school.

Target groups

Direct: 692 ethnic minority children in 2 primary school; 66 teachers and school directors; 7 school managers and 26 local authorities.
Indirect: 1243 parents

Main activities

• Building-capacity and competences for teachers by using e-learning app in teaching
• Building a reading habit and an innovative way of learning and teaching of children and teachers
• Broadening children and teachers’ knowledge via an open-source e-library besides traditional manuals
• Integrating class activities in the library using mobile app

Expected outcomes

• Equipment: 22 tablets, 21 headphones, 2 LCD TVs, 1 Android TV Box, 1 Wifi Display Receiver
• Training: 60 teachers and 5 educational managers get trained on using the tablet and the reading application developed by AEA
• Capacity-building: teachers will improve their teaching methods and get familiar with using digital device in teaching
• Impact: better teaching and improved learning results at school

Some activities taken place
  • Purchasing 20 licensed e-books & Technical installation in tablets


  • Distribution of equipment to schools


  • Training for teachers on the app use to improve the quality of the teaching and learning


  • Testing the application at school



  • Bureau of Da Bac Education and Training Department
  • Bureau of Tam Duong Education and Training Department


Ms. Tu Nguyen

Country Program Director


Location / ,
Duration / 2016 - 2017

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