Engaging minority and non-minority communities in early childhood care and development in Phu Yen


Vietnam: Hoa Hoi commune, Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen province
Location /  
Duration / 2014-06/2016 – Phased out 


Problem Statement

  • Difficulties in social integration of ethnic minority children due to language barriers, culture differences, school operating half a day, and unused school canteens.

  • High prevalence of malnutrition, especially among minority children.

  • Poor competence and quality of teachers.

  • Parents lack of knowledge of early childhood education.


AEAI’s response

Tri-partnership model: school/family/community based approached in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)


Global objective

To give children equal access to education at a young age.


Target Groups

229 children, 11 teachers, around 200 parents and 4,000 inhabitants.


Main Activities

  • Improving school environment and education quality: canteen repair, teaching and learning materials equipment, and training for teachers.

  • Improving children’s health and child care: supporting and organizing lunch for minority children, regular health checkS, training for parents on nutrition and health, and parenting skills.

  • Promotion of cultural empathic understanding: organizing ethnic minority language courses, minority cultural festivals, and traditional culture activities in the class.


Expected Outcomes

  • Canteen renovations, and classrooms equipped with teaching/learning materials.

  • Children’s health improved and malnutrition reduced.

  • Cultural understanding, empathy enhanced among children/adults , minority children better integrated, and minority children speaking  Vietnamese more fluently.

  • Awareness raised for community/parents on early childhood care and education.


Provisional budget 

189,142 €



Union of Friendship organizations of Phu Yen province



Ms. TU NGUYEN, Country Program Coordinator

Location /
Duration / 2014-2016

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