Promoting inclusive and relevant ECCE for ethnic minority and disadvantaged children in Vietnam

Khun Ha, Nung Nang, Ta Leng communes, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province, Vietnam


Project location

Project location


Problem Statement

Lai Châu is the one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam with the poverty rate at 23.72%, and highest rate of illiteracy at 40%. The malnutrition rate among children under 6 years old is extremely high, with 26.5% of underweight and 37.2% stunting (“A review of the nutrition situation in Vietnam 2009-2010”, NIN and UNICEF).
Having concerned about the quality of education and the high malnutrition rate amongst children in Lai Chau, Aide et Action plans to support poor communes of Ta Leng, Nung Nang and Khun Ha, in Tam Duong district, the most difficult and isolated areas with poverty rate ranging from 20% – 25%.


AEAI’s response

 The project functions based on a “Golden Triangle” approach to maximize the impacts in target schools and communities.That will be the tripartite partnership between schools, communities, and local authorities. 


Global objective

Ensure the rights to equal development of ethnic minoritychildrenin Tam Duong district of Lai Chau province via improved access to inclusive quality education, and enhanced livelihoods activities. 


Target Groups

981 children aged 3-5 years old and 974 children aged 5-8years old (96% H’mong tribe), 50 local authorities and policymakers, 95 pre-school teachers and 145 primary school teachers, and 3,369 parents, caregivers and other community members. Final beneficiaries total 30,624 community members.


Main Activities

  • Improved access to quality education for 3-8 children in targeted communities with better education environment, improved teaching methodologies.

  • Enhanced capacities of parents and communities to support inclusive education for ethnic minority children aged 3-8 years old

  • Increased understanding of effective implementation of inclusive education for ethnic minority children aged 3-8 years old among local authorities and communities.


Expected Outcomes

  • Improved school facilities and infrastructure for better learning condition

  • Improved teacher capabilities for better quality of inclusive education environment

  • Improved students learning abilities and school performance

  • Improved capacity of parents and the community in the support of child education and development

  •  Increased families’ income and children nutrition and communities environmental condition via improved production techniques and more effective livelihoods.

  • Local authorities and communities become better informed on issues/gaps/good practices in relation to inclusive education for ethnic minority children
  • Raised awareness on the importance of education among in the communities


Provisional budget

322,805 €



Tam Duong district People Committee



Nguyen Thi Tu

Country Program Director 

Location / ,,
Duration / 2015-2020

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