Improving child education quality and development for ethnic minority children in Hoa Binh province

Vietnam: Hoa Binh province, Da Bac district, Doan Ket, Vay Nua and Tien Phong communes

Hoa Binh

Project location


Problem Statement

– Inadequate teachers’ capability/ Language barrier for Dao children group
– Parents lack of knowledge/skills on child care and education
– Poor condition of pre-school infrastructure and facilities/ Poor hygienic condition
– High prevalence of malnutrition among children below 6 years old (18% underweight, and 23.8% stunting)
– Livelihood: very high poverty rate at 33.96%; livelihood based mainly on maize culture, livestock raising and aquaculture with low productivity, and facing a number of difficulties such as shortage of farm land, water, production technique and capital, lack of market for their products, etc. Such difficulties of livelihood makes a vicious cycle of poverty, people do not know how to escape from poverty, improve living conditions and enhance the quality of care and educate children.


AEAI’s response

Tri-partnership model: school/family/community based approached in ECCE


Global objective

Improve child development and the quality of education for children from 3-8 years old


Target Groups

1,247 children from 0-8 years old, 96 preschool teachers/educational managers, cooks and staff, 1,344 parents, 44 local authorities. Final beneficiaries total of 5,150 community members.


Main Activities

  • Improve learning environment through infrastructure renovation/equipment and extra-courses/activities to improve children learning abilities/performance and enhance capacity for teachers through trainings on child care, child health and nutrition, active learning/teaching.

  • Improve the nutritional status of children through improving knowledge/skill for parents, community members and local authorities on child care and education and improving families’ livelihood.

  • Change of community and local authority in practice and policy in improvement for educating and caring ethnic minority children.

Expected Outcomes

  • School infrastructure and facilities for better learning environment improved.

  • Children learning abilities and performance through different extra-activities improved.

  • Teacher capacity for better learning/teaching quality improved with focus on practical aspect rather than theory.

  • Parents and community capacity improved in the support of child education and development.

  • Increased families’ income and children nutrition through improving livelihoods.
  • Raised awareness on the importance of education among in the communities and advocate for policy change in improving the studying condition for ethnic minority children.


Provisional budget

298,709.56 €



Da Bac district People Committee



Ms. Tu Nguyen

Country Program Director

Location / ,
Duration / 2015-2020

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