Monthly parents’ association meeting

AEA (Lai Chau): A monthly parents’ association meeting was held on May 22 in the classrooms with the participation of nearly 20 parents and pre-school and elementary school teachers in Chi Chu Chai village, Nung Nang commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau.

As usual, a monthly parent board meeting at the Chi Chu Chai – Nung Nang – Lai Chau site was held on May 22 at the school ‘s classroomwith the enthusiastic participation of nearly 20 students, parents and 3 pre-school and elementary schools’ teachers. Although it was a busy day and they worked hard all day in the field but the parents were on time in class to share and learn the skills of taking care of their children from teacher Le Thi Giang. Non-campus and interesting and useful stories from the bilingual collection are transmitted through the narration of Lo Thi Moi – a primary school teacher..


Interesting stories from the bilingual materials were told  by Lo Thi Moi – a primary school teacher. The story “Hails” were told. This helps the parents to gain more knowledge on disaster prevention. They have also learnt how to bath their children daily and how to wash children’s hands properly, with sharing from preschool teachers. The meeting took place with active participation of all parents’ association members, even though it was very late after a long day working. 




Mr Chang A, the leader of Chi Chu Chai village also advised parents to take care of their children during the summer holidays, in order to give the children a healthy summer vacation.

(Le Que, VIE018 Tam Duong, Lai Chau, Vietnam)