GAW in Lai Chau

AeA (Vietnam): About 1000 students in the kindergartens and primary schools were participating in the events to respond to the Global Action Week for Education (GAW2017) of the three AEA Vietnam’s project sites in Tam Duong District, Northern Vietnam province Lai Chau. The children enjoyed the music shows, games, and poor children with outstanding school performance received scholarship from project. Many parents and other community members came to join the events. Parents and community members participated in the quiz games on parenting skills, and knowledge on the AEA’s Viet-Hmong bilingual materials. The bilingual materials were provided to schools and families to help them have a better understanding of importance of Mother-Tongue Based Education for Hmong children.

(AEA Vietnam communication office)

Great kids, great parenthood, great schools, and great GAW…

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