1. Why support the community?

The education of the children does not take place in isolation. We need to work with the children’s community at large, which will indirectly benefit the children in receiving a good education, and help in the development of the children and that of their community.

Sponsorship at AEA offers you an opportunity to build a true relationship with the children, their parents and other stakeholders of the project, thus enabling the children to receive quality education and blossom in their own milieu.

2. In your communication, you mentioned that the minimum financial support of my sponsorship is €24 instead of €20. Could you explain this increase to me?

As of February 25th, 2014 our minimum donation increased from 20 Euros to 24 Euros.

Please contact our office if further clarification is required.

Whether your donation is big or small, we sincerely appreciate your support. Your presence with us is essential and we cannot continue our programs without your help.

Once again, thank you very much!

3. How can I sponsor a project in Southeast Asia & China?

Since the recruitment of sponsors and attribution of sponsorship files is made by AEA France/Switzerland, thank you for contacting our Donor Loyalty Division in Paris at 01 55 25 70 00, Email: parrainage@aide-et-action.org or in Geneva at +41 22 716 52 10, Email: infosuisse@aide-et-action.org.

4. Whom should I contact for any information on sponsorship or to update you with any information from my end?

You may contact:

Mr. Prasith CHIN – Regional Sponsorship Officer

Aide et Action International – Southeast Asia & China

#176, Street 208, Boeung Raing, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

Tel: 855 23 221 940

Email: sp@aide-et-action.org for Sponsorship Service

Web site: https://seac.aide-et-action.org


5. I received the sponsorship newsletter of Cambodia from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Can you explain why?

It is normal that you received a newsletter of Cambodia from the UAE or other countries. In fact, to send the sponsorship newsletter to sponsors in France or other countries, Aide et Action Cambodia sends them via local DHL with the Global Mail Service. This is an inexpensive service and takes two weeks for the letters to be delivered by DHL in Singapore and then by another office of DHL in UAE or in other countries. This time, you received the letter delivered by UAE and the next time, it could be from another country. However, the letter is sent by Aide et Action Cambodia. We hope you understand this step as it helps minimize the cost of delivery.

6. Can I send gifts to the children of the project school?

Yes, you can. Please remember that sponsorship is the biggest gift that you could offer to children. But if you are keen on doing a little bit more for the children, we propose that you send only collective material (for example, some school supplies such as colored pens, felt pens, maps, dictionaries, etc.) which the children can share among themselves. This is to avoid a feeling of jealousy amongst other children, who do not benefit directly from the project in the community.

7. What happens once I become sponsor of a project?

Our sponsorship team in France or Switzerland will send you a welcome package containing:
•A brief description of the country where the project is located
•A brief description of the project
•A sponsorship file with your reference
•A booklet on sponsorship guidelines
Right after this, you will receive the welcome letter from the country programme. Three times per year, we keep you informed of the activities taking place in the field via sponsorship newsletters.

8. How much of the contribution I send is tax exempted?

In France, if you are taxable, you will get a 66 % tax deduction of the amount of your donation within the limit of 20% of your net taxable income. For example, you transfer €25 each month actually will cost you €8.5 after the tax deduction.
Reference: Sponsorship Manual with Aide et Action, the back page

In Switzerland, donations to charitable organizations are tax-deductible up to the limit set by cantonal law (art. 9, LHID).
For individuals, donations to charitable organizations that have their headquarters in Switzerland are deductible from federal direct tax (art. 33, LIFD). The payment of the tax year must be at least CHF 100. – and are not exceeded a total of 10% of net income.
For corporations, the deduction of donations is limited to 10% of net profit (art 59, LIFD).

In Hong Kong, Aide et Action Education Foundation is a Hong Kong registered Charity (No. 91/9502). Donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible.

9. How can I be sure that the money I send is managed correctly?

Aide et Action International has systematic financial audits (internal and external) each year of all its programmes. In Southeast Asia, it is in accordance with Hong Kong accounting standards. Moreover, the statements are audited by Ernst & Young (E&Y) Cambodia under AEAI’s audit scope followed by Group Audit instructions from E&Y Paris in accordance with International Auditing Standards (IAS).

Aide et Action International in France is a two-time winner of the Crystal Award – presented by the National Society of Statutory Auditors to reward NGOs for the most transparent management of funds.

10. Will my money go directly to the project in the field?

The funds collected will be pooled at the international level to support the organization’s education mission around the world. It may be used to subsidize project implementation, support new project initiative, provide for emergency use in times of natural disasters, and to cover operating expense that ensures the sustainability and growth of the organization.

In the year 2014, the use of funds ratio was 80% of our social missions, 11% for fundraising expenses, and 9% for operating expenses according to the Annual Report of AEA International.

11. What will happen to communities that I sponsor if I cannot continue my sponsorship payments?

We understand that financial and personal situations of people change. If you need to cancel, just let us know and we will ensure that the schools and communities are not neglected. In the duration that you are connected with us, your sponsorship enables us to include the vagaries of life that may require a sponsor to discontinue his/her commitment. The use of resources through sponsorships is our strength, and this enables us to keep our commitments to the communities.
AEAI thus ensures that the funding commitment to the project is maintained and that the benefits to the community are carried out as planned.

12. What are the sponsored projects in your region?

As of now, we have seven sponsored projects. Concretely:
In Cambodia:

•Targeted educational strategies for pro-poor community development.
•Recovery and reintegration for abused children and children at high risk.
•Development of libraries to improve the quality of education and literacy in Cambodia.
•Education for all : Reaching the marginalized.
•Education for children with moderate-severe disabilities

In Laos:
•Schooling for Homeless Children in Vientiane                                                                                                                                                                          

•Inclusive and Child-Friendly Pre and Primary School Environments (ICPSE) for Ethnic and Marginalized Children in Lao PDR


In Vietnam:
•Promoting inclusive and relevant early childhood care and education for ethnic minority and disadvantaged children in Vietnam

13. What is Aide et Action International?

Created in 1981, Aide et Action International (AEAI) is an international solidarity organization for development through education. It is present in 24 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe through its 110 projects, and contributes to the improvement of access and quality of education for over 3 million children and adults. More than 615 employees and 12,890 volunteers in the world work together to meet these objectives.

AEAI started working in Southeast Asia in 2003, first in Cambodia and later extended its programmes to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and China. AEAI in Southeast Asia works either in partnership with local NGOs and Governments or directly with target communities.
AEAI believes in the universal right to a quality education and each and every intervention of AEAI revolves around this ideology.

AEAI in Southeast Asia focuses on 5 main themes:
Access to Quality Education
Early Childhood Care and Education
Education for Girls and Women
Inclusive Education
Livelihood Education

14. Due to my financial situation, I stop sponsoring your project. What can I do to help you?

If you cannot continue supporting our project financially, you can support it by being a volunteer on the project. That means, you will continue to receive the sponsorship newsletter (in PDF version) and you can share your experience of the project with your friends, neighbors, and network.
You can be a project spokesperson in your community, talking about how Aide et Action, together with the local authorities implement projects to improve the education situation in this country or region.

We always appreciate your kind support for our cause for education.

15. I am a sponsor of a project in Cambodia for example. Can I visit other projects in Southeast Asia that I don’t sponsor?

Yes, definitely. As a sponsor of AEAI, you can visit any education project of AEAI in Southeast Asia. It will be a highly “educational trip” for you enabling you to discover the implementation of the projects, the active involvement of the local participants, and the approaches that we adopt with different partners. You can interact with the all the people involved in the project and it will be an interesting experience for you.

Kindly note that the expenditure related to your travel and accommodation will have to be borne by the donor. Please contact our sponsorship team two months prior to your intended departure. Our colleagues in the field will help you to prepare your visit schedule. At the end of the visit, please send us a testimonial sharing your impression of the reality of the project so we can share them with the other sponsors who will not have the opportunity to visit the projects.

16. I have just received the sponsorship newsletter. What are othe ther documents I will receive besides the newsletter?

The project cycle consists of different stages such as (1) Field study on local needs, (2) Project design and implementation, (3) Progressive evolution, (4) Capitalization of the impacts, and (5) Project extension in another region.

(1): you will receive the Field study report

(2): you will receive different documents:
– Sponsorship Newsletter: three times/year.
– A video link to the activity of the project.
– Testimonies from the participants of the project.
– Field visit: you can propose to visit the project you sponsor or any other project of AEAI.
– Chat: discussion with the sponsorship officer to know more about the project activities and project cycle.

(3): you will receive a progress report that highlights the progress of the project participants.

(4): you will receive the Capitalization Report that allows you to see the differences between “before” and “after” project.

(5): you will receive a communication that proposes your continuing support of your actions in the extended location.

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