Change and continuity must go hand in hand. Rooted in our mission to promote access to quality education for all…

A new International President for Aide et Action International: “Change and continuity must go hand in hand. Rooted in our mission to promote access to quality education for all, AEAI will continue to adapt the ways in which it empowers people to have control over their lives and future”




Ms. Yasmin ABDEEN, currently President of the Association’s South-East Asia and China region, was elected President of Aide et Action International during the Organization’s 3rd International Congress held recently in Aubervilliers (Paris).



“Globally, 57 million primary school age children are out of school. Aide et Action International will continue its ongoing efforts to promote and create conditions to enable even the most vulnerable to have access to quality education”, said Ms. Yasmin ABDEEN. This is important,” she stressed, “as education is the best tool to help a person springboard from his current state to a brighter future.”


Ms. Yasmin ABDEEN also emphasized that Aide et Action International’s areas of intervention are aligned with the priorities defined by Education 2030 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. “Our actions have always been about relevance” she said, “and we will continue to work collectively with governments, other like-minded organizations and communities in this direction.”


The election of Ms. Yasmin ABDEEN reaffirms the continuation of the Association’s internationalization process, which is aimed at sharing knowledge and best practices between countries and regions in order to strengthen the impact of the Association’s mission. Ms. Yasmin ABDEEN complimented the previous Board and its outgoing President, Mr. Jacques LEMARECHAL, for their contribution to the development of the Association. She added that; “The new Board and the Congress are united by our common desire to bring change through education. Continuing the evolution process of the association towards its internationalization; the Congress has reinforced the need for a change, which is nestled on greater accountability, participation and respect for diversity. This is how we will operate moving forward.”


Today, 600 employees and 14,000 volunteers across the world take part in implementing Aide et Action International’s educational mission and contribute to creating access to quality education for more than 1.6 million children and adults.