Better Education for Ethnic Minority Children in Lai Chau

Hanoi, November 23rd, 2018 – Viet- Mong bilingual textbooks and DVDs combined with child-centered learning methods form the backbone of the teaching model recently endorsed by the Department of Education and Training of Lai Chau Province for replication in all kindergartens and primary schools in the three poorest communes of the province. This is one […]

AEA VN (Lai Chau): Extra curricular activities using CCM

We came to Ta Leng primary school on a cold day.  Tam Duong District mountain breeze blowing. We were worried about the school attendance of the children during the harsh weather in winter. As soon as we arrived at the school gate, we heard the loud and high sounds of the kids playing “Matchmaking”, one […]

AEA VN (Hoa Binh): CCM and integrating CCM into the school curriculum

Improving the teaching methods and skills for teachers to support the learning of ethnic minority children and disadvantaged children is one of the key elements of the project and is also relevant to the tendency set by the Ministry of Education and Training toward innovations in the teaching methods. On this basis, in April 2018, […]

AEA VN (Ha Noi): welcome the EU Ambassador to Vietnam and 600 Hanoians at EU Village

Hanoi, May 6, 2018 – AEA Vietnam organized a prominent activation at “Europe Village”, attracted nearly 600 Hanoians to engage with AEA’s educational materials and messages.   With thousands of visits to EU Village every hour, AEA Vietnam successfully took the chance to showcase its image and progressive cooperation with the EU as a major donor. The booth honorly welcomed the […]

AEA VN (Ha Noi): Improve quality education through language development

The workshop “Improving the quality of education for ethnic minority children through language development” funded by the European Union, with the key topic on Mother Tongue-Based Bilingual Education – which was discussed ebulliently today.    The enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to our children future’s education especially for ethnic minority children, has created an exciting forum for participants […]

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