3 reasons to become our partner

  • Act concretely to promote education in Southeast Asia and China. Education is a key strategy to increase the skilled workforce and promote sustainable economic growth.
  • Unite your employees around a common project, raise awareness of your clients on corporate social responsibility and involve your suppliers.

  • You get a maximum tax deduction, depending on the country in which you give a donation. For example, in Hong Kong, you can claim deduction for up to 25% and in France, 60% of your donations.


Becoming a partner: let’s build our partnership together

By engaging with us, your company expresses its strong commitment to social responsibility and reflects its values. Your contribution will help us advance the cause of Education for All and will enable communities to take control of their own development and future. At AEA, we will use our expertise and our resources to best serve your community engagement, so that together we build a collaboration adapted to our expectations and our values.

AEA has more than 30 years of experience in Africa, Europe, Latin America-Carribean, South Asia and Southeast Asia and China. Our organization rigorously ensures the seriousness and professionalism of all its actions. Our accounts are audited and our projects evaluated annually. We guarantee transparent and timely information about your impact. We pledge to provide you with accurate information on specific activities in our countries of operation in a timely manner, through reports, balance sheets, photos, etc. 

You can also rely on means of communication tailored to your needs in your country and around the world. You can rely on our Communications structure to promote your image and highlight your commitment to ethical and responsible actions, through various means including media, events and online communications.


Opportunities for partnerships

  • Sponsorship

  • Product sharing

  • Solidarity financing

  • Skills sponsorship

  • Automated donations on salaries

  • Collect donations

  • Media support

  • Other potential opportunities


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