AEA VN (Laichau): Kindergarten teachers presented 12 lesson plans to use Viet-Mong Bilingual materials

These lesson plans were presented by the core teachers three VIE018 project’s benefited communes including Nung Nang, Ta Leng, and Khun Ha (Tam Duong), in the second training on integrating the bilingual supplements into the extracurricular activities for kindergarten teachers in 20-21 May, 2017.

Dinh Ngoc Mai Doan Thi Hien

(Ms. Dinh Ngoc Mai and Doan Thi Hien with the supplements)

The teachers shared difficulties and challenges in using the supplements to the activities under different themes in their schools, with the witnesses of AeA, Cisdoma, and VIE018 PMU in Tam Duong. They have also chances to be better understood the different methods of integrating the bilingual supplements into the extracurricular, especially in the class with the mixture of students using different mother languages.

12 lesson plans were well-presented and gotten fruitful comments and feedbacks from the listeners in the training.

Ms. Dinh Ngoc Mai, the representative from the Division of Kindergartens, the Tam Duong’s department of Education and Training, were fully attending the two-day training. “All the bilingual supplements are useful additional documents. The teachers are not going to be imposed to use them this way or another. It is very important that teachers should flexible in using the supplements”, said Mai.

(Luong Nam, VIE018 Tam Duong)