AEA VN (Lai Chau): Validation workshop on the VIE18 mid-term evaluation 


On 20th of September, 2017, a validation workshop on the Mid-Term Review results of the EC funded project “Promoting inclusive and relevant early childhood care and education for ethnic minority and disadvantaged children in Vietnam” was successfully held by AEA, Cisdoma and local stakeholders in Tam Duong, Lai Chau.




The workshop attracted more than 60 participants, including parent association representatives, key teachers, school leaders, communal leaders and especially Lai Chau Provincial Department of Education and Training. The workshop is an opportunity to share the results of the EC project mid-term evaluation and best practices in the project. The technical support activities of the project are evaluated to be effective and meet the needs of the local people. In particular, the bilingual Vietnamese-Mong materials have a good initial impact on the quality of education. Children, the main target group of the project, feel more interested to go to school, thanks to the diverse extra-curricular activities supported by the project. The MTR findings contribute to a better project implementation with the more active participation of the different stakeholders.