AEA VN (Lai Chau): Sponsor to visit Tam Duong project community and school


On August 21, 2017, Ms Catherin, a French sponsor of AEA visited the sponsored school in Khun Ha, Tam Duong, Lai Chau. She visited the communes and schools together with the project’s staff, to directly see the difficulties and strives of the students and teachers in San Vang Thap satellite school to teach and learn well. Ms Catherin also visited the library, kitchen, dining rooms, and lunch snapping places of the children in the Ngai Thau Cao. She came to see the family of Chang Thi Le who has been supported for creating the livelihood to take care of her children better. Ms Catherin highly appreciated the efforts that the AEA have paid to bring her monetary help to material and educational supports such as books, game kits, and cooking stuff in the school, which will help to improve the quality of education in the remote areas.