AEA VN (Lai Chau): Livelihood supports for the poor


On July 16, 2017 the Aide et Action Vietnam (AEA), CISDOMA and the Tam Duong project team provided 120 native breeding sows to poor households in the three project communes. Pig breeds have been quarantined and fully vaccinated before being allocated to households. Previously, the households were trained on pig raising techniques and how to avoid pig diseases. Therefore, people are completely confident when they come to receive the pigs given by the project. Thus, the household’s members are excited and delight. The households selected for pig giving based on their poverty status and their readiness to meet the requirements of the project on pig cage building. Livelihood support for poor households in the project communes is one of the most important activities of the project to increase income and contribute to improving the quality of nutrition for households, especially children. (Luong Nam, VIE18 Office- LaiChau)