AEA VN (Hoa Binh): AEA’s delegation visit the project area

20934162_1152651094879521_5364173832551867771_oOn July 26, 2017, the AEA’s delegation included International Finance Director Serge Aymon and AEA Vietnam Country Director Tu Nguyen and AEA VN’s staffs made a field visit to the project site in Hoa Binh province. The purpose of this field visit was to give the International Finance Director a closer look at the reality of AEA’s work in the ethnic minority community in Da Bac, Hoa Binh. The delegation attended a training class about Child’s rights and Gender equality for ethnic parents. They participated in the Aerobic club of the primary students, in which the delegation’s members were taught to dance joyfully with the kids. The delegation also visited a household who currently receives livelihood support of honey-bee raising by AEA’s project. To wrap up the field visit, the delegation had visited a kindergarten kitchen built and operated by AEA’s support.