AEA Vietnam to respond to GEW 2017: “Accountability for SDG4 and Citizen Participation”

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GEW 2017: “Accountability for SDG 4 and Citizen Participation”

Some 500 students participated in educational activities such as storytelling, quizzes, and math games too raise awareness of the people, the education system, and governments at all levels. These Reading Day events are held with the collaboration of AeA, Cisdoma, and the local partners at its three project sites including Doan Ket, Tien Phong A, and Vay Nua primary school, Da Bac district, northern province Hoa Binh tp response to the Global Education Week in April 23 to April 29, 2017

Aide et Action (AeA) was recognised as one of the active partners in a joint effort to respond to the GEW 2017 activities sharing the common goals (1) develop, fund and implement credible plans for the full set of targets for SDG4; (2) strengthen public systems and state capacities to ensure free, quality, and equitable education; and (3) ensure that there are credible, transparent mechanisms for the participation of civil society in monitoring and accountability for the SDG4 agenda.

Along with teachers, local school leaders and educators, AeA has made efforts in providing the opportunities for project-based ethnic students living in mountainous areas to have access to a free, quality, and equitable education for all.


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