Access and Quality Education

Quality Education for Better Development of Children

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There is increased evidence of the role of early education in the acquisition of learning skills and in the child's cognitive and socio-emotional development. Children who do not achieve basic foundation skills for learning will expose to high risk of dropping out of school, repeating in early grades, or incomprehensive development. However, access to quality education continues to be a challenge in remote and isolated areas where poor, vulnerable and ethnic minority families are predominantly located due to the following main reasons:
- Inadequate teachers’ capability
- Poor condition of school infrastructure and facilities
- Language barriers for ethnic minority children
- Children lack social knowledge and learning skills
- Lack of parents’ engagement in education
- Limited voice and participation of parents and children at schools
To promote equitable and quality education for ethnic minority and other disadvantaged children in Vietnam.
- To increase equal access to opportunities for learning and development of ethnic minority children;
- To enhance voice and participation of children in education through responsive school governance.
- 3,213 primary children
- 213 primary teachers
- 2,409 parents
- 23 staffs from local authorities
- 1,453 parents


Northen Vietnam

Project Location:

Tien Phong, Vay Nua, Doan Ket and Cao Son communes in Da Bac district of Hoa Binh province
Lau Thi Ngai & Lung Cai communes in Bac Ha district of Lao Cai province.


Access and Quality Education



Project Manager:

Mui Phan


Aide et Action